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About the Publisher

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Asia-Pacific Publishing Group (APPG) is an international publishing company registered in Australia (ABN: 93134791969, a division of Global Vision Consultancy Pty Ltd established in 2009) covering print and digital publishing in a wide range of titles and disciplines. With an editorial team comprising members from more than 10 countries, APPG publishes works in multiple languages including Chinese, English, French, etc. from all over the world. Since the beginning of 2021, APPG has started publishing Asia-Pacific Journal of Humanitis and Social Sciences (APJHSS), which has received worldwide welcome by international communities due to the strict and high quality editing and review system.

Our Vision

APPG aspires to be a major actor in stimulating and advancing innovative ideas and enhancing the lives of readers in the Asia-Pacific region and the global communities.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to bringing new and established researchers and authors to the world stage.

Our Value

  • Professionalism: we strive to excellence through a team of compassionate and competent professionals.

  • Integrity: we are dedicated to achieving the ultimate satisfaction of all our stakeholders.

  • Innovation: we are committed to stimulating, diffusing new ideas and technology to enhance the quality of life for international communities.

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Asia-Pacific Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences ISSN: 2653-0465; eISSN: 2653-1526
Contact Us: info@appublishing.com.au/apjhss2021@163.com
WeChat ID: apjhss