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APJHSS publishes all articles with open access. The author fees covers the costs involved in the open access publication, such as editorial handling, copy editing, doi distribution, printing, postage, etc. The maximum total fees are USD380 or CNY2500.

The reduced fees for members of the International Association for Interdisciplinary Humanities and Social Sciences Research are available only if the member is the first author or the corresponding author.Discounts can also be provided for authors from low-income economies and/or proved financial difficulties.

The research paper is sent to two peer reviewers of your submitted paper field. Acceptance depends on their comments and remarks. The whole process takes about a week. Authors can pay only after acceptance.

We also accept payment by Bank Transaction, wire transfer, Demand Draft, TT, bank check, Western Union. You can refer to your email subjected "Author Charges". This will enable you to establish a recommended bank account information (in terms of the lowest transaction charges for your country). You should email us at after making payment.

Method of Payment 

You should directly deposit the payment according to the instructions into our nominated bank account. You should email your transaction ID to or after making payment if you are paying from a different email address from that in our records.

APJHSS automatically waives article processing charges (APCs) for eligible authors. APJHSS also grants a small number of discretionary waivers on a case-by-case basis for authors publishing in fully open access journals who are unable to pay the APC, regardless of their country of residence. Authors eligible under the developing countries initiative waiver policy (according to the latest World Bank GNI ratings and/or the Human Development Index) do not need to request a waiver. The waiver will be automatically applied, based on the author’s address. If the author do not qualify for a developing country waiver, the following process is in need for the author’s application for directory waivers.

1. State clearly the reason for the directory waiver via e-mail, which includes corresponding author’s name, address, e-mail address of corresponding author, manuscript title, funding information, types of waiver (partial or full), reason for application, name and title of supporting applicant.

2. To better evaluate the application, it would be helpful for the author to include evidence of the inability to pay the APC, such as a statement or letter from your funder, institution or organization indicating that they are unable to cover the cost of the APC, supporting documentation, a letter of support from a supervisor or head of department, a supporting statement from your co-authors.

3. The above requests must be made at the time that the author submits the article and any waiver requests after acceptance will not be considered. If the waiver request is granted, the author will be notified of this by the publisher, Asia-Pacific Publishing Group (APPG). Once your manuscript is accepted for publication, the waiver will be applied and the APC will be waived.

4. Please note that an APC waiver does not guarantee acceptance of a manuscript, it only waives the fee when and if the paper is accepted. An author’s eligibility will not affect peer review or editorial decision-making. APC waivers are managed by Asia-Pacific Publishing Group (APPG) staff, editors or peer reviewers are not informed about APC waiver eligibility or receipt.

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