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Academic Translation Should Follow the Standard of “Faithfulness, Expressiveness and Elegance”: Discussion of a Chinese Version of Public Opinion.

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To cite this article: JIANG Lin. (2023). Academic Translation Should Follow the Standard of “Faithfulness, Expressiveness and Elegance”: Discussion of a Chinese Version of Public OpinionAsia-Pacific Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 3(2), 166-175, DOI: 10.53789/j.1653-0465.2023.0302.017

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Abstract: The translation standard “Xin Da Ya” (faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance) is a profound understanding and theoretical summary of Yan Fus academic translation practice, which coincides with the current Chinese academic translation requirements set by the state. Therefore, “faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance” has an important theoretical basis and practical foundation as an academic translation standard and can be a reliable yardstick for measuring the quality of academic translation. This article first traces the historical origins and key interpretations of faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance”and then from this perspective, discusses the issues of mistranslation, omission, and addition in the Chinese version entitled Yu Lun of Walter Lippmann’s classic work Public Opinion, and provides sample translations for reference. The aim is to distinguish truth from falsehood and promote the genuine exchange and healthy development of Chinese and Western academic thought.

Keywords: “faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance”; standard of academic translation; Chinese version of Public Opinion; examples of translation errors

Notes on the contributor: JIANG Lin is currently a professor and master’s supervisor at Sichuan International Studies University, Chongqing, ChinaHis research interest lies in translation history, cross-cultural translation studies and academic translation practiceHis email address is jianglin@ sisu. edu. cn.

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