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From Blurring to Transcending: Emily’s Epiphany and Shaping of Community of Shared Future in Caryl Phillips’s Cambridge

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To cite this article: HE Na. (2023). From Blurring to Transcending: Emily’s Epiphany and Shaping of Community of Shared Future in Caryl Phillips’ CambridgeAsia-Pacific Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 3(1), 001-002, DOI: 10.53789/j.1653-0465.2023.0301.008.p

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AbstractCaryl Phillips (1958-), a leading novelist in Contemporary British literature is acclaimed as one of the best-known and most talented Black British writers of his West Indian generation. Cambridgehis fourth novel and regarded as the most Caribbean and universal novel, has garnered flowering acclaims at home and abroad since publication in 1991. The article elaborates on the implications of Emilys epiphany from muti-perspectives framed within the framework of epiphanyThrough a systematic study of Emilys epiphanyit is to point out the refreshing implicationsnamelythe affinities between the colonizers and the colonized, blur the epistemic boundaries and furtheindicate that through blurring and transcending boundariesmutual empathy and telepathy could be evoked among people from different social hierarchies with a community of shared future for mankind shaped.

KeywordsCaryl Phillips; Cambridge; epiphany; Emily; community of shared future

Notes on the contributor: HE Na is a lecturer working in the School of Foreign Languages, Kashi University. Her academic interests lie in modern and contemporary British literature. Her email address is henaju@ 126. com.

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