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Exploration of Zhejiang Red Culture Going Global: Perspective of Translational Communication Studies

Release time:2022-12-05    Clicks:492

To cite this article: MENG Jiarong & XIN Hongjuan. (2022). Exploration of Zhejiang Red Culture Going Global: Perspective of Translational Communication Studies. Asia-Pacific Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 2(4), 067-074, DOI: 10.53789/j.1653-0465.2022.0204.009.p

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Abstract: Red culture embodies CPC’s (the Communist Party of China) history of leading the Chinese people to progress. To tell the red in an appropriate way may give the international community chance to better understand China’s governance system. Being the cradle of China,s revolutionary thoughtsZhejiang has a rich variety of red cultures deep-rooted in its history. Together with its traditional thoughts, Zhejiang Red Culture has well shaped the present-day Zhejiang Province and its people and has set a very good example of China’s reform and progress in the modern era. Based on analyzing the status quo of Zhejiang Red Culture going globalthe present paper attempts to make proposals for enhancing the translation and interpretation of both the tangible and intangible red culture resources under the guideline of Translational Communication Studies.

Keywords: Zhejiang Red Culturegoing global; translational communication studies

Notes on the contributors: MENG Jiarong is a postgraduate at Ningbo University. Her email is 1742778256@ qq. Com; XIN Hongjuan is a professor at Ningbo University. Her email is xinhongjuan@ 126. com.

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