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The Editor-in-Chief and the Deputy Editor-in-Chief Invited to Make Speeches in the Conference

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From July 23 to 25, 2021, the Seminar on Promoting Chinese Culture under the Background of the Belt and Road Initiative and the Forum on Exchanges of Applying for the Chinese Academic Translation Projects was successfully held at the International Academic Exchange Center of Hainan University. Professor Jiang Lin, chief editor of APJHSS and executive vice president of the International Association for Interdisciplinary Humanities and Social Sciences Research, was invited to attend the conference and delivered a keynote speech entitled “Academic translation should follow the ‘Xin, Da Ya’ (meaning Faithfulness, Expressiveness and Elegance) standard: Take Yulun as an example". Professor Jiang's lecture starts with the two questions of “whether academic translation needs standards” and "whether there are standards for academic translation", and points out that the "Xin, Da, Ya" standard is a profound understanding and theoretical summary based on Yan Fu's academic translation practice, which coincides with the current requirements of Chinese academic translation. Professor Andrew L. Chiang discusses the mistranslation, missing translation, and addition of the Chinese version of Walter Lippmann's Public Opinion published by Peking University Press, and provides the translation as a reference.

During the conference, Dr. Xia Ningman, deputy chief editor of APJHSS introduced the purpose, featured columns and requirements for submissions of APJHSS. The Journal has two ISSNs: ISSN 2653-0465(print) and ISSN 2653-1526(online). All articles in APJHSS are included in the database of National Library of Australia (journal registration link address:; article download link address:  As an international DOI member since July 2021, all articles published in the Journal will have their unique DOIs to be searched and downloaded.

The keynote speech and the introduction of APJHSS made by Jiang Lin and Xia Ningman respectively, were highly praised by the participants, which aroused extensive discussion and warm exchanges in the conference. 


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